Fencing Team Wins Second Conference Championship

  • February 7, 2017

Many members of the Great Lakes Fencing Academy fence on the LHS-VHHS varsity fencing team. I am proud to announce that the team ended its season earning two Championship titles in the Men’s Saber and Men’s Epee events at the Great Lakes High School Fencing Conference Dual Meets. The Dual Meets were held at host schools throughout the season. The Men’s Saber and Epee teams won the Conference Championship last year as well.

In addition, the team brought home three 2nd Place finishes in the Men’s Saber, Women’s Saber and Men’s Epee events at the Midwest Regional Fencing Championships. The Midwest Regional Championship was held at Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana which hosted a field of 285 varsity fencers from fourteen schools from Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

The Men’s Saber team is composed of Brian Lemay (LHS), Joe Fusco (LHS), Dylan Boyle (LHS) and Byran Weiss (LHS).

The Men’s Epee team is composed of Andrew Bringle (LHS), Avi Limer (VHHS), Jared Hedlund (LHS) and Forrester Cotterman (LHS).

The Women’s Saber team is composed Skyler Jackim (LHS), Lia Pelech (VHHS), Anna Schillin (LHS) and Maggie Koberstein (LHS).

Individual results for each fencer can be found at https://askfred.net/Results/results.php?tournament_id=36167

Congratulations fencers on two back-to-back Championship seasons!