Fencing Program

At Crimson Blades we provide fencing lessons in epee, foil and saber.  We offer a group classes, private lessons and open fencing for fencers of all skill levels.

Group Classes

These weekly classes are designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced fencers.

Group classes are designed to provide a solid foundation (or to reinforce your skills) in the basics of fencing including:

  • fencing safety instruction
  • warm-up exercises (that focus on loosening up and conditioning)
  • basic footwork
  • simple attacks
  • simple parries and ripostes
  • counterattacks
  • electric bouting – fencers are introduced to electric fencing and practice the skills taught in class in bouts with their classmates
  • directing – fencers are taught the rules of fencing and how to direct a bout
  • competition – we hold in-class tournaments so members can test their skills in a competitive environment
  • assessment – our coaches prepare individualized assessments to help monitor and gauge the development of each fencer’s skills

Our beginning class teaches fencers the basic fencing skills using a foil. Foil is considered the best weapon to start with since it combines the point control essential in epee with the rules of right of way that are essential in saber.

Once a fencer has mastered the basics he or she may advance to the intermediate class and elect to continue learning foil, or switch to epee or saber.

Class size is limited to 12 fencers so each fencers gets a lot of personal attention.

If you’re a beginner, we will supply all the equipment you’ll need.  Just wear sweatpants, a T-shirt and sneakers.  We’ll provide a glove, mask, fencing jacket and weapon.

Private Lessons

Our coaches are available to provide private, semi-private lessons to students as well.  Private lessons are an important way to work on specific skills or actions that you want to improve.

Open Fencing

Open fencing is an opportunity for our members of all ability levels to fence each, practice the skills learned in class, and just hang out and have fun.  Members can fence “dry” or use our electric scoring machines.  All Open Fencing sessions are supervised by a coach who is also available to provide tips, direct bouts, and fence with students.

Beginning June 1 we are moving to Centre Club in Libertyville.