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Charlie Rohrlack

Charlie coaches saber at RedStar Fencing Club Chicago. Charlie began fencing at age 8, training under world-class coaches Waldek Czaja, Hristo Etropolski, and Serhiy Berko. A successful youth fencer, he returned to the sport as an adult. He has medaled at every level of North American Cup and National Championship compet... More

David St. George

David St. George is a nationally rated epee fencer who eared his D rating in 2013. David also has experience with foil and sabre, but epee is his weapon of choice because he feels it requires more finesse and strategy. At the Division II & III Summer Nationals Qualifiers tournament, David qualified for both Divisions ... More

Chris Classen

Chris Classen serves as the Sabre coach and club armorer.  He is responsible for maintaining the team’s weapons, uniforms and gear, including our electronic scoring systems.  It is a never-ending job which Chris does exceptionally well.   When athletes purchase their own equipment or use the club's equipment they are ... More

Aleksandr (Alex) Nudelman

Alex Nudelman has been fencing since 3rd grade when he first picked up a sword. He was trained in Belarus and fenced in college and on the national team for several years.  Coach Nudelman coaches the men’s and women’s foil team at the Libertyville and Vernon Hills High Schools.  At Crimson Blades, Alex teaches the ... More